Ref. IA-139A
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Our technicians and in our own workshop manufacture the resistance of this heatable plate to measure and personalized for each microscope, adapting it to the cart itself and incorporating the digital thermostat in its own base (only if the microscope model allows it, we are limited to the physical space existing)

The entire heatable plate itself becomes part of the structure of the microscope, it is not an accesory that can be remover and put on.

- Digital thermostat
- Uniform temperature across the entire surface of the cart
- Three-position main switch (light only - off - light and resitance)
- Red light indicator that the resistance is working
- Overvoltage protection via 5x20 glass fuse
- Standard SCHUKO mains connection plug with lateral ground connection
- Power supply (V): 230
- Electrical power (W): Depending on the microscope model
- Rated current (A): 1 maximum
- Electrical frequency (Hz): 50