Ref. IA-218
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- Waterbath made entirely of AISI 304L stainless steel, including all its screw and nuts, incluidos todos sus tornillos y tuercas
- Water heating system using 2500W submersible armored resistance
- High precision digital microprocessor with decimal point, PT100 probe and "F" key for selt-sterilization of the enteri bath circuit
- Automatic water level regulation system by buoy completely made of stainless steel
- Safety thermostat for over temperature
- Internal water agitation pump
- Overvoltage protection via 5x20 glass fuse
- SCHUKO standard type mains connection plug with lateral ground connetion
- Intel tap and outlet tap for filling and emptying the bath
- All pices that connect the interior of the bath and the stirring pump are made of silicone so that they can be disassembled for replacement and/or more thorough sterilization

Capacity: 50 liters
Maximum working temperature: 110 ºC

Electrical power: 2500 W
Rated voltage: AC 220-240
Rated frequency: 50 Hz
Exterior measurements: 36x89x50 cm (Height X Widt X Depth)
Interior measurements: 20x74x40 cm (Height X Widt X Depth)