Ref. IA-208D
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- AISI 316L stainless steel chassis
- Control panel in aluminium treated and painted with Epoxy for greater durability
- Temperature control by digital thermostat
- Perforated tray to cover the resistance made of AISI 316L stainless steel
- Safety thermostat for over temperature with manual reset
- Overvoltage protection via 5x20 glass fuse
- Standard SCHUKO mains connection plug with lateral ground connection
- General ON/OFF switch with Led
- Start-up Led and heat Led  (turns on when the resistance is in operation)

Capacity: 5 liters
Maximum temperature: 110 ºC
Power: 600 W
Voltage: 230 V
Electrical frequency: 50 Hz
Exterior dimensions (width x depth x height): 33X18X24 CM
Useful dimensions (width x depth x height): 30X15X15 CM