Manufactured entirely in Spain by INSERBO s.l.

Ref. IA-244A
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- Agitation for volume up to 5 liters
- Adjustable speed from 60 to 1700 rpm
- Aluminium heating plate with electric resistance incorporated into the same plate
- Outer casing in AISI-316L stainless steel
- Aluminium control panel coverd with epoxy resin
- Control panel with start switch, speed control knob, digital thermostat and mains indicator light
- Temperature control using precision digital thermostat and probe PT100
- Anchoring with aluminium support bar that allows the height of the probe to be adjusted
- Protection by 5x20 fuse
- SCHUKO standard type mains connection plug with side ground connection

Power: 45 W
Voltage: 230 V
Electrical frequency: 50/60 Hz
Dimensions (width x depth x height): 150X220X130mm
Weight: 3 Kg