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IU-205 Colostum scale . IU-200 Spray bottle with shaft. JG-575 Samples tube, 13 ml.
100 units package.
IU-138 Eutra milking fat, 500 g.
IU-135 Eutergel for cows udders.
500 g.
IT-245 Plastic milking seat with fastening belt.
IT-240 Wooden milking seat with fastening belt.
IU-195 Teat disinfectant bottle with water return, 300 ml.
IU-190 Teat disinfectant bottle, 300 ml.
IU-170 Roll paper
for udder cleaning.
IA-685 Table and hanging paper roll carrier.
IU-160 Udder disinfectant towels. Package of 800 units.