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IA-950 0.50 injector.
IA-955 0.25 injector.
IA-960 Universal injector.
IA-966 Inserbo sheaths.
50 units package.
IA-965 Sheaths.
50 units package.
IA-978 Straw cutter.

IA-985 Lavage catheter, 53.5 cm.
25 units package.

IA-980 Lavage catheter.
25 units package.
Straws (2,000 units package. )
IA-970 0.25.
IA-975 0.50.
IA-979 Straw defroster 12V-220V.
(with support to hang)
BOVI-VET exploration gel,
IO-130 1 l.
IO-135 500 ml.
Lubricant gel-gynecologist disinfectant NO ESPERMICIDE.
IA-780 5 l.
IA-775 1 l.