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In connection with prevention and treatment of traumatic indigestion with cattle-caused by ferromagnetic foreign bodies in rumen-it is recommended to introduce one STARVET magnet before first calving or at an age of 1 1/2 year. STARVET magnet is also effective in the treatment of acute attacks of traumatic indigestion through its ability to retract and isolate foreign bodies of ferromagnetic material.

DG-145 Metal detector.

It works placing the detector probe on the animal's belly. The machine will visually and acoustically indicate if there is any type of metallic foreign body inside the belly.
In that case, introduce a magnet to prevent the metallic body from sticking inside.

IT-146 Hauptner magnet flexible introducer.
IT-147 Starvet magnet flexible introducer.

IT-145 Starvet magnet rigid introducer.