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JG-460 Vaccination syringes, 2 ml. with feeding tube and needle.
JG-461 Vaccination syringe, 2 ml with vial holder
JG-465 Vaccination syringes, 5 ml.
with feeding tube and needle.
Vaccination syringe, 5 ml
with vial holder
JG-480 Vaccination Metallic Syringe 2ml with feeding tube and needle
JG-481 Vaccination Metallic Syringe 2ml with vial holder
Socorex Vaccination syringes
with vial holder.
JG-409A 0.5 ml
JG-410A 1 ml
JG-415A 2 ml
JG-420A 5 ml
JG-421A 10 ml
Socorex Vaccination syringes
with feeding tube and needle.

JG-409 0.5 ml
JG-410 1 ml
JG-415 2 ml
JG-420 5 ml
JG-421 10 ml
Socorex twin syringe
with feeding tube.

JG-422 0.5+0.5ml
JG-423 1+1ml
JG-424 2+2 ml

JG-435 Socorex vial holder
from 2 to 100 ml.
JG-440 Socorex bottle, 60 ml.
JG-436 Bottle cone adaptor, thread.
JG-424A Socorex twin syringe adaptor for 1 needle usage