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Swiss steel bell, bonze colour.
IN-450 diameter: 105 mm.
IN-455 diameter: 125 mm.
IN-460 diameter: 145 mm.
IN-465 diameter: 165 mm.
IN-470 diameter: 185 mm.
Swiss bell with drawing.
IN-420 diameter: 50 mm.
IN-425 diameter: 57 mm.
IN-430 diameter: 67 mm.
IN-435 diameter: 75 mm.
IN-440 diameter: 90 mm.
Steel jangle, bronze colour.
IN-400 height: 60 mm.
IN-405 height: 75 mm.
IN-410 height: 85 mm.
IN-415 height: 100 mm.
Steel bell, brass colour.
IN-475 de 5x5
IN-480 de 8x9
IN-485 de 12x13
IN-490 de 8x9.5