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Big size thermometer.
It is seen from a far distance

DG-101 Room thermometer Height: 40 cm.
Maximum and minimum thermometers
DG-104 Metallic thermometer with top cover.
DG-105 pastic.
DG-106 with button. 
Room thermometers
DG-100A Height: 20 cm.
DG-100 Height: 19 cm.
DG-102 poultry Height20 cm. .
Thermometers for liquids
DG-115 100ºC - red alcohol.
DG-116 150ºC - red alcohol.
DG-117 100ºC - mercury.
DG-117A 150ºC - mercury.
DG-118A Thermometers for liquids with 120ºC pastic protection.