instruments sutures back to the index
Supramid (12 units package)
IS-164 from nº000 to nº6
without needle.
IS-163 from nº000 to nº2
with needle.
Braided silk cassettes
(12 units package)
IS-153 to IS-155 , from nº00 to nº6.
without needle.
IS-160 to IS-161 several numbers
with needle.
IS-290 to IS-325 50 m braided silk cassette, from nº00 to nº6. IS-330 to IS-366 10 m braided silk ball, from nº00 to nº8.
IS-245 to IS-285 Supramid sterile cassette from nº00 to nº6.
IS-165 to IS-195 Catgut sterile cassette from nº 00 to nº6. IS-200 to IS-240 Sterile braided silk cassette from nº000 to nº6.
IS-367 Vaginal suture tape, 5 m.