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IA-909 Aluminium tube-rack, Z form, for 50 tubes,
up to 17 mm. Ø.
IA-910 Stainless steel tube-rack, for 14 tubes, up to 16 mm. Ø. IA-911 Plastic tube-rack, for 60 tubes,
up to 16 mm. Ø.
IA-912 Plastic tube-rack, for 21 tubes, up to 30 mm. Ø.
Tapval empty tubes. It allows the introduction of hermetically closed samples.

Tapval empty tubes
100 units package.
JG-490 5 ml.
JG-491 5 ml. with label
JG-495 10 ml.

IA-864 Empty tubes, 5 ml. JG-575 Samples collecting tube,
13ml. 100 units package.
IA-875 Diluted substance tube, 50ml..
25 units package.