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IN-130 HAUPTNER coaxer. IN-135 TORERO electrical coaxer. IN-136 KAWE coaxer. IN-137 KAWE shaft.
HOT-SHOT coaxer
(supplied with a 60 cm. shaft)
IN-140 cattle.
IN-141 pig.

IN-144B 6 HOT-SHOT batteries pack

HOT-SHOT shaft
IN-142 flexible 34 cm.
IN-143 flexible 60 cm.
IN-144 flexible 85 cm.
IN-144A flexible 110cm.
IN-144C rigid 160cm.

IN-138 Advance impulse electrical coaxer.
IN-138A 25 cm. shaft.
IN-138B 50 cm. shaft.
IN-138C 100 cm. shaft.