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IC-125 s/Haussmann emasculator; 19 cm. Straight.
IC-131 s/Haussmann emasculator; 27 cm. Straight.

IC-130 s/Haussmann emasculator; 19 cm. Curved.
IC-131A s/Haussmann emasculator; 27 cm. Curved.
IC-132 Verboczy horse emasculator, 27cm.
IC-215 Articulated metallic castrator, 23 cm. IC-220 Articulated castrator, 30 cm.
IC-223 Articulated castrator, 34 cm.
IC-225 Articulated castrator, 40 cm.
IC-230 Articulated castrator, 48 cm.

IC-200 Mating table for piglets.

IC-133 Reimers horse emasculator Reimers, 31cm. Double Mouth.
IC-205 Standard castrating table for piglets.