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IC-135A Right hand knife, double sided cutting. Wooden handle.
IC-140A Left hand knife, double sided cutting. Wooden handle.
IC-141A Right hand knife.
Wooden handle.
IC-142A Left hand knife.
Wooden handle.
IC-143A Right hand knife, all blade cutting . Wooden handle.
IC-146 Articulated hoof cutter. IC-145A Hoof Knife. IC-148 Hoof cutter,
lateral cutting, 60 cm.
IC-149B Heavy duty hoof cutter.
IC-149 Non serrated hoof cutter. PA-390 Tar bandage,
25 m.
IC-147 Serrated hoof plier. IC-149A Serrated hoof cutter.
IC-150 Demotec 95,
14 treatments box.
IC-151 Hoof treatment.
Package of 10 treatments.
IC-150B Demotec Easy bloc.,
4 treatments box.
IC-150C Demotec Easy bloc.,
12 treatments box.
IC-150A Demotec 90,
2 treatments box.
IC-150D Demotec 90,
12 treatments box.