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IB-115 Dummy drinker. Stainless steel. Hexagonal.
IB-116 Dummy drinker. Stainless steel. Normal.
IB-120 Dummy drinker. Mixed: Stainless steel and brass.
IB-125 "Pico-pato" brass drinker.
IB-600 drinker with protection.
IB-605 drinker without protection.
IB-130 Splinkler drinker with holes.
IB-135 Splinkler drinker with groove.
Drinkers spare parts.

IB-610 Stainless steel mouthpiece.
IB-615 Protection.
IB-620 Spring.
IB-625 Plastic and brass rod.
IB-630 Washer and stainless steel plate.
IB-635 Brass screw.
IB-640 Brass body.
IB-325 "Pico-pato" stainless steel 1/2" hexagonal big
nipple drinker

IB-330 "Pico-pato" stainless steel 1/2" long mouth hexagonal nipple drinker
IB-345 "Pico-pato" stainless steel 1/2" hexagonal
small nipple drinker
IB-350 "Pico-pato" brass 1/2" hexagonal small
nipple drinker

IB-355"Pico-pato" brass 1/2" hexagonal
nipple drinker

IB-360 Stainless steel  1/2" sprinkler
nipple drinker with 3 holes

IB-365 Sprinkler Nipple Drinker With Groover 1/2"
IB-370 1/2" Stainless Steel Nipple Drinker