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IA-610 Table and hanging draining board.
With 79 terminals.

Table and hanging draining board.
IA-610A With 44 terminals.
IA-610B With 88 terminals.

IA-599 Glassgen neutral ph soap to clean laboratory glass material, 5 l.

IA-280A Waterproof phmeter with automatic temperature regulation
Brush to clean glass material.
IA-590 Small.
IA-595 Medium.
IA-589 Mini.

Cleaning flask
IA-555 500ml
IA-550 1,000ml .
Plastic bottle with screw cap.
IA-565 500ml.
IA-560 1,000ml.

Plastic jar
IA-567 2,000 ml.
IA-569 3,000 ml.
IA-568 5,000 ml.