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IA-535 Beaker ( 250 ml.) Short form
IA-536 Beaker (250 ml.) High form
IA-539 Beaker (400 ml.) High form
IA-540 Beaker (400 ml.) Short form
IA-541 Beaker (1,000 ml.)
IA-542 Beaker ( 2,000 ml.)
IA-543 Beaker ( 3,000 ml.)
IA-544 Beaker (5,000 ml.)
IA-504 Erlenmeyer (500 ml.)
IA-505 Erlenmeyer (1,000 ml.)
IA-510 Erlenmeyer (2,000 ml.)
IA-515 Erlenmeyer (3,000 ml.)
IA-517 Erlenmeyer ( 5,000 ml.)
IA-545 Glass bottle with screw cap, 1,000ml.
IA-546 Glass bottle with screw cap, 250ml.
IA-519 Test tube (100 ml.)
IA-520 Test tube (250 ml.)
IA-525 Test tube (500 ml.)
IA-530 Test tube (1,000 ml.)
IA-531 Test tube ( 2,000 ml.)

IA-557 Glass can to stir
IA-547 Glass bottle with screw cap and exhaust pipe, 5L.

IA-588 Glass funnel.
Several sizes

IA-580 Cage flask ( 100 ml.)
IA-579 Cage flask ( 50 ml.)