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IA-670 Mating table. Wood lined.
Fixed and mobile. 
IA-675 Alveolar rug for mating room (1.5m x 1m)
Antislippery rug for mating. Soft and with holes to facilitate cleaning.
Disinfectant rug
IA-677 90x60x4 cm. IA-678A 180x90x10 cm.
Easy to handle convenient and narrow. Adjustable to double boiler (bain marie) and semen heater Ref. IA-202, IA-202D and IA-203

Paper roll carrier
IA-686 Fixed.
IA-687 Mobile with wheels and dustbin liner.
IA-685 INOX table and hanging.
IA-680 Paper roll
for laboratory.
Pack of 2 units.  

IB-751 Disinfectant cleaner for shoes

IB-750 Disinfectant cleaner for shoes
IA-668 Slide table for aritifical insemination.