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IA-430 INSERBO disposable catheter, anti-flowing back.
Pack of 4 units.

IA-460 INSERBO disposable catheter, sponge type.

IA-465 INSERBO disposalbe catheter, sponge type with back plug.

Designed as the IA-415 but softer and with anti-flowing system. Packed individually (box of 1000 units)
IA-625A Disinfectant towels for sows. Pack of 800units. (no spermicide). IA-612 Spray (80ml.) to detect rutting on sows. IA-775 / IA-780 Disinfectant-lubricant gynecological gel (1 and 5l.) (no spermicide)

Liquid vaseline
IA-699 1 l.
IA-698 5 l.

( 1 l.)