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IP-118 Disposable surgical mask.
100 units package.
IP-119 Disposable surgical mask with additional reinforcement.
50 units package.
IP-135 Disposable short plastic gloves,
100 units package.

StarVet vinyl gloves, 100 units package.
IP-400 large size.
IP-405 medium size.
IP-410 small size.

IP-104 Disposable cap
100 units package.
StarVet latex gloves, 100 units package.
IP- 300 large size.
IP-305 medium size.
IP-310 small size.
IP-375 Dust-free, large size.
IP-380 Dust-free, medium size.
IP-385 Dust-free, small size.
Sterile latex gloves
IP-131F large size, 50 units package.
IP-131G medium size, 50 units package.
IP-131H small size, 50 units package.
IP-131I large size, pair.
IP-131AJ medium size, pair.
IP-131K small size, pair.
Nitril gloves, blue,
100 units package.
IP-132 large size.
IP-132A medium size.
IP-132B small size.