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DG-113BRemote digital infrared thermometer without laser. DG-113A Remote digital infrared thermometer. (economic model) DG-113 Remote digital infrared thermometer.
Ideal for instanly temperature measuring of cold-storage rooms, heating plates, surfaces, walls, floors, engines, refrigeration equipment, heating, etc...
DG-107 to DG-109 Temperature detectors for computer connection, with programme to make graphics, data, etc. (several models).
Similar features to ref. DG-113, with the advantage of being able to know if the temperature has changed at any time.
digital max. and min.
DG-119C with external probe.
DG-119A with inner probe.
Sphere hygrometer
DG-103 Ø130 mm.
DG-103A Ø85 mm.
IA-280A Waterproof Phmeter with
automatic temperature regulation.
DG-119B Digital anemometer.