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“STARVET” Vaccination syringe

JG-901 1 ml. (0.05 to 1 ml.)
JG-902 2 ml. (0.1 to 2 ml.)
JG-905 5 ml (0.5 to 5 ml.)

“STARVET” Vaccination syringe
1ml. with electronic digital counter

JG-901D 1 ml. (0.05 to 1 ml.)
JG-902C 2 ml. (0.1 to 2 ml.)
JG-905C 5 ml. (0.5 to 5 ml.)

“STARVET” Vaccination with bottle

JG-901B 1ml. (0.05 to 1ml.)
JG-902B 2 ml. (0.1 to 2ml.)
JG-905B 5 ml. (0.5 to 5ml.)

Our Starvet vaccination syringes are characterised by their high precision, easy dosage system and their comfortable and exclusive anatomical injection system, which allows a great number of vaccinations in an easy and relaxed way, with hardly any effort. STARVET vaccination syringes are available in 2ml and 5ml format
The 2ml STARVET has a minimum dose of 0.1ml and a maximum of 2ml, whereas the 5ml syringe has a minimum of 0.5ml and a maximum of 5ml
STARVET vaccination syringes have a series of additional accessories available, such as: 35cm. flexible extensions, 1m stick extensions and container back-packs for vaccine storage. You also have the option of an elcetronic meter with a digital display and reset to count the number of vaccinations.
Moreover, you have the guarantee that our technical team is continously doing research in order to increase the range of accessories.
JG-901D 1ml. StarVet vaccination syringe with cannula
(for Rabbits A.I.)