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ID-308 Hand metallic ear tags for rabbits, numbered. 100 units package.

ID-220 HAUPTNER paste tube, black.
ID-219 HAUPTNER paste tube, green .
ID-221 Paste tube, black, 60 g.
ID-222 Paste tube, green, 60 g.

ID-225 HAUPTNER ink tube, roll-on.
ID-226 RAIDEX ink tube, roll-on.
ID-227 Green ink tube, roll-on..

ID-191A 5mm. and 6 characters rotary tattooer. ID-191 HAUPTNER tattooing forceps ,
5 mm. 7 divisions. Without accesories.
ID-192 HAUPTNER tattooing forceps, 7mm;
7 divisions. Without accesories.

ID-107 Complete alphabet, 7 mm.
ID-147A to ID-147Z 7 mm, single letters for tattooing forceps.
ID-167A to ID-167J 7 mm. single digits for tattooing forceps.
ID-127 Set of numbers; 7 mm, for tattooing forceps.

ID-145A to ID-145Z 5 mm. single letters for 10 mm tattooing forceps.
ID-105 Complete alphabet, 5 mm. for 10 mm tattooing forceps.